Lennart Cok

Change the way you look at things,

and the things you look at change.



Lennart is a clinical psychologist, psychotherapist and social entrepreneur committed to an honest and direct form of therapy. His approach is rooted in psychology and neuroscience, and it is also influenced by eastern and western philosophical and spiritual traditions.


He aims to facilitate a momentum of growth and change through self re-defining and the re-creation of depth and meaning. 

Psychological counseling & therapy

Do you feel stuck? Have you been struggling with something that you can't seem to deal with on your own? Did something happen that you can't seem to put to rest ?


Even in today's society it's not so clear what therapy really is. There seems to be less taboo, but most people still struggle with the idea of going to a psychologist or psychotherapist. This thought often comes with a sense of weakness, shame or failure, stemming from the belief that we ourselves should always be able to take care of our own problems. In doing so, we neglect one of our most human strengths : our capacity for connection.  


Human relationships are very complex, and anyone who decides to seek external help, is making a smart move that will provide new insights, an updated world view and a more complete understanding of one's own life and surroundings. 


I'll be happy to help you along the way. 



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